„Short Chronicles“ – Heute Abend 19Uhr

 A audio-video project by dj 2phast and Luca Reale
Short Chronicles is a audio-video project involving dj 2Phast sounds (ITF IDA; Mo Bast Records; PC Records; Jop Records) and Luca Reale videos (Effettonotte; Zoff82).
The sound is hip hop matrix, contaminated with Dub, Noise, Electronics Experimental, Drone Ambient Music.

The concept focuses on improvisation and experimentation, combining videos shot, revisions, editing by Luca Reale blended with the beats of dj 2phast and creating a structure of surreal stories.

Dj 2phast: Korg Valve Force; laptop/controller; Fxs; Mixer mute; Turntable; Buddha Machine; Field Recordings.
Luce Reale: Laptop/controller.
– 7pm : audio-video performance by dj 2phast and Luca Reale  (duration about 40 min.);
– during the night: Video-projections by Luca Reale